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So happy to announce that Streeticons have launched Casiegraphics as their latest artist. I was initially approached by them at the Stroke Urban Art Fair  at he end of last year and asked to create some designs I thought would be appropriate for wall art. These designs and illustrations were then realized by the Streeticons team and last week they went online!! 

So what is Streeticons all about? 

For quite a while now, artistic street art has been selling for record prices at renowned art auctions. Streeticons intends to make this art form accessible and affordable to a wider range of potential customers. The underlying idea: street art for your home! Streeticons provides high quality reproductions of enthusiastically designed urban art motifs, produced in strictly limited quantities. By both well-established and aspiring representatives of 21st century pop art. 
Street Art is individual, different and pretty refreshing. Whether an exclusive, strictly limited edition collector’s item or an exciting piece of home and wall deco in your living area – Streeticons provides you with the perfect style patterns for your living room, your home office or whatever. 

Here are some my designs, all available to order from the Street Icons Shop