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I was kindly invited by Momiji to customize a doll for their new range of blank customizable dolls. I was also given an interview by the lovely team which can be viewed HERE. 

Momiji Interview:

How did you start planning your doll?

I started by sifting through my inspiration sources and doodling. Once I came up with a solid idea I drew a draft with black ink on paper.
This was followed by a lot of preparation - I am a big planner and like to plan everything through and through! For me realising my ideas is rarely a problem, so once the planning is in order the battle has already been won!
I cleared my desk, choose the colours from my selection of swatches and began with a base pencil drawing using very rough outlines on the box. 

What was the inspiration behind your design?

The major subject of my work are animals. However for this design I was also very much inspired by pop art, 80's graphics, colourful graffiti, sweets, fruits, vinyl toys, palm trees and much more!
Recently I had a bout of nostalgia and began re-discovering all my favourite childhood movies and TV series. There was one show in particular that I really adored, a Japanese anime from the 80's. It was filled with the most beautiful colourful drawings and I remember as a child watching it and being transfixed. Looking back now I guess this show really influenced me as a child and helped shape my work today. 

Tell us about a typical day in the Casiegraphics studio.

If I am in my Studio a regular day would be: getting up early, showering, getting dressed and heading to my local cafe for take out coffee and butter pretzel or croissant. Once back in the studio I would begin by planning all the work I have for that day, no two days are the same and most of the time I am juggling different projects at once so I find this really helpful to do at the start of each day. Then I will spend about 30 minutes responding to emails. I then work through till lunch, either researching, sketching, drawing, painting and then end up in the studio till quite late in the evening.

Do you have any hints or suggestions for anyone who is about to start customising their Momiji doll?

Well first and foremost have fun, Momiji dolls are so much fun!
My tips are:
Begin with a base colour of your choice, I mainly use white. The doll is already white however any colour you use on top will be more solid if you use a base coat first. This also helps if you make any small mistakes as you can start over as often as you need.
Make sure the doll and the box are clean before you start.
Perhaps think about using acrylic paint or acrylic markers as they are very easy to use.
If you are a beginner, make sure you start with the idea first and sketch and draw before you start on your Momiji doll.

Happy creating!

How long did it take you from start to finish?

It took me about two afternoons including the planning and the drawing, the box took me a little longer though.

Each Momiji doll has their own personality and things that they like. What are your Momiji doll's favourite things?

My Momiji doll likes panda bears and purple clouds and vanilla milkshakes. She loves eating pink and yellow candy floss and spending her Sundays watching animal documentaries and Japanese anime.

I hope you enjoyed my interview!

We certainly did! Thanks, Stefanie.