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I am a part of the Won abc & Friends exhibition at Museum Buchheim starting this Saturday.

Info (English)

Two years ago, a Polish military helicopter landed in the park of the BUCHHEIM MUSEUM. On behalf of the Galerie Richter & Masset he had been transformed into a work of art by Munich sprayers under the motto "From War to Peace". The team around the "Grandmaster" WON ABC also includes BEASTIESTYLEZ, CASIEGRAPHICS, DOG ISK and I ARE UGLY. Together with other Munich underground artists, they now appear in the lecture room and in the hallways of the BUCHHEIM MUSEUM. In addition to the mentioned helicopter artists are also represented with works: 420 FAYS, BAK PBS, BURNZ FEINKOSTPARANOIA, CAZE RIC ABC, CEMNOZ, CHEECH, COSMIC, CPT73, ESCAPE, FLIN, FRANKY ABC, GJELI ABC, KASSAN, LEWY, LORENZO BENZO, NOISE, PIANO RIC, ROSKMOR, SAMIR ABC TSR, SATONE, SHAMEZ ABC, SINE, SONIC ABC TSR, START, THOMASWERNER, THRILLKISS, VINCE ABC TWS, CEMENT, ZLEP and Z-ROK. In their show, the main buildings of the underground, made in Munich: rolling ghettoblasters, sprayed leggings, two real cars, a sprayed Munich S-Bahn car and other graffiti works as pictorial panels as well as cult films around the street art milieu and a week-long live performance From WON ABC, which sprays a 22-meter-wide wall of the BUCHHEIM MUSEUM.

Saturday, July 16, 14-22 pm 
Opening party with the artists.
Daniel J. Schreiber, Buchheim Museum 
Lothar Keuler, Galerie Richter & Masset 
Spray actions on the museum grounds.  
Party with DJs Martikal (Zubzonikz, Munich), Johan Ressle (Camp Cosmic , Stockholm), Le Discoboulet (Buntlack team, Munich), Petko Turner (Bass Patrol, Munich) 
Cult films from the graffiti milieu. 

Friday, July 29, 18 pm 
Inauguration of a new wall painting from WON ABC with Christian Ude, Kurt Faltlhauser and Daniel J. Schreiber. 

Saturday, August 6 and 27 August, 14-17 
Sprayer Workshop with Lothar Keuler and Munich graffiti artists. 

Saturday, October 15, 15 pm 
WON ABC & Daniel J. Schreiber
Tour of the exhibition with the street artist and the museum director.

Daily Tuesday to Sunday 10-15 pm 
Cult films around the milieu of graffiti sprayers.

Daily Tuesday to Sunday 15-18 ilms of Underground Film Festival 2.1